Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starbucks and Yarn Swap

Yet another swap... but this time I'm workin' it. I'm one of the organizers (well, with the help of Miss Wartbobble, Headmistress of the Ravelry School of Swap).

Starbucks & Yarn is a nice small swap -- limited to 36 swappers. It involves, well, you can guess.... Starbucks and yarn. Wonderful combination! Oh, and something homemade. Either a coffee cup cozy, bag, or mug coaster.

Sign ups run through June 30 or until we reach 36 swappers. Come on down!

Edited 6/19 - We reached the 36 swappers in two days so we decided to make it a larger group. So there's still room!

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