Monday, November 26, 2007


I left the museum world (mostly) over a year ago. I did a lot of jobs there, but was never a curator. But yesterday I was on Etsy at the right time, and got to curate two Treasuries.*

What fun! The first is filled with Harry Potter goodies. It's called "Hermione's Christmas List." I'd been thinking about wanting to do a Treasury like it for a while. There are so many fun Harry Potter-related gifts on Etsy right now! Perfect for the HP fan for Christmas.

The second Treasury came about because I happened to have two browsers open at the same time. When I saw that I had gotten a 2nd Treasury, I put it together on the spot. It's based on my retro Christmas cards, "Gather 'Round the Aluminum Tree." I looked through Etsy for Christmas goodies reminiscent of the 50s and early 60s... mid-century stuff. There were quite a few nice things to choose from -- I think it came out well.

The Treasuries last about 3 days total, so these expire in a day or two. Come visit them!

*I found out afterward that I am only supposed to have one Treasury at a time... I promise to be good next time...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Cross Promotion

Below is a list of Etsy sellers that are working to cross-promote each other. Check them out!








I love the idea of Morsbags. They're homemade bags used for shopping. The idea is to use them to replace the nasty plastic shopping bags you get almost everywhere.

I'd love to make a bunch of Morsbags.... sew all day long and churn out a pile of them. But I know that's probably not going to happen. For one thing, I never have a day that's completely open like that. But I've joined two Swap-Bot swaps (one completed, one just beginning) for them. And... knowing how fixated I am on deadlines... that has really helped me sit down and make some.

For the first swap I made six. Less than I was hoping for, but my sewing machine started making nasty noises toward the end of the 6th bag. And that was the end of my sewing until it returned from the repair shop. The ones pictured (above left) with Henry are some of the first I made.

Since the first swap closed, I've made three more. Any time there's a swap where I think my partner would like one, I make another. The purple one is one of my most recent bags.

Now I just need to make a few for myself!

Etsy, Etsy, and More Etsy

I've been working to get some stock into the new Etsy shop. For now, it's primarily notecards and Hogwarts (Harry Potter) bracelets. I had a request for Christmas cards, so I put together three different themes/colorways. They were very fun to do!

The cards on the left are probably my favorites. I like the fusion of 21st century and mid-century (1950s) colors and shapes.

I have lots of ideas of what to try -- and have no idea what will sell. I've paid to be in the main Showcase this Sunday and the following Friday, so I need to get the shop stocked up as much as possible!