Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another swap, another questionnaire

I just joined another swap. I know, I'm obsessed, I admit it. This is a fiber-friendly Scavenger Hunt swap.

Here are the answers to the questionnaire:

1) Do you knit, crochet or both? How long have you been doing it?
I knit. I can crochet just enough to do some finishing stuff.

2) What is on your needles/hook right now?
A. An adult version of the Harry Potter baby hat from Weekend Knitting (with a much simpler colorway) that I've been promising to my son forever. B. Some very quick dishcloths for a different swap. ....and let's not talk about the old UFOs.

3) What is the most frequently used tool in your knitting bag?
I have one of the kits with interchangeable circular needles. I use them constantly.

4) What are your 3 favorite yarns (fiber type or brand)?
A. 100% wool (or mostly wool with a little of another felt-able fiber like "Lamb's Pride") - I enjoy working with it in general and love felting
B-C. Any other natural fiber: alpaca, silk, cashmere, cotton, linen...

What are your 3 least favorite?
Eyelash, acrylic, other synthetics, even blends with synthetics (except funky stuff like this), lace and sock weight. I like natural fibers in DK weight or heavier.

5) What is your favorite color?
I guess dark red. I also like lots of greens (but not kelly green).

6) If you had a 5 minute shopping spree in your LYS, how would you plan your attack?
Interesting question. I'd plan for some specific projects, make a floor plan, and then add some other fun stuff at the last minute.

7) What is your favorite FO and why? (post a pic if you have it!)
Hmmmmm, I'm not sure. I like the big version of Maggie's Tote Bag that I made for my sister a year or two ago. It was pre-Flickr... sorry.

8) What are your favorite things to knit/crochet?
Felted stuff. Bags and containers of all sorts. Hats. Things that are interesting to knit but not too detailed so I can be sort of mindless...

9) Do you collect anything?
Depression-era kitchen stuff (Fiestaware, bakelite, etc.), cookbooks. And yarn (and fabric), of course.

10) What are your five favorite things (not necessarily knitting related)?
Making art/crafting, my family, my home, gardening, cooking.

11) Are you on Ravelry? What is your ID?
Yes, but I haven't gotten very involved yet. Need to do it soon, eh? My ID everywhere is winemakerssister.

12) Do you drink tea/coffee/cocoa?
Yes. I like 'em all (although I can't take much coffee with caffeine). My basic drink is tea.

13) Favorite Sweets?
Dark chocolate. Maple.

14) Any allergies?
Smoke. Nothing else that affects the swap.

15) Do you have pets? kids?
Yes. Yes. We have a Golden Retriever and four cats. One teenaged son (Tommy).


Anonymous said...

thanks for getting this up so quickly :)

my goal is to have matches out at the end of the week :)

scavenger hunt hostess

ps - i grew up in SE michigan (detroit suburbs)

Anonymous said...

you are too much! Where do you find all these good times!?