Monday, January 28, 2008

Topic #4: My Most Memorable Vacation

Topic #4 for the Hot Cocoa Swap is "My Most Memorable Vacation."

I've got a recent one and one from my distant past...

....From the past:
The year after I graduated from college I worked two jobs (teaching and waitressing). I saved and saved and then spent more than a summer in England, Wales, and Scotland. The trip was based at the Scottish College of Textile for a few weeks for their summer semester. But I also lived in London for about a month and had two different rail passes that allowed me to travel all around the U.K. It was amazing.

....Pretty recently:
Last year we spent several weeks driving the entire length of Route 66. We drove from Michigan to the Art Institute of Chicago, where the Mother Road begins. We had all sorts of guidebooks spread around the car, and followed every piece of the Old Road we could find. The average speed limit was about 30 mph... for over 3,000 miles.

It was a wonderful trip, but we did it in two weeks (there along Route 66, then back home via Interstate highways) which is pretty much the minimum for over 6,000 miles. Someday I'd like to do it again and take 4 to 6 weeks.

Images: Road sign at beginning of Route 66 (across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago), Wigwam Motel (the 2nd one... in CA), end of the road (Santa Monica Pier).


Anonymous said...

I think I can't leave you notes in Ravelry because you'll discover who I am! I'm not in the Hot Cocoa Swap but I'll share mine anyway. It's hard to pick one because they are all memorable, but I'd have to say that my week in New Mexico was it. I stayed in a little town called Las Cruces because a friend lived there. While she was working I spent my days in my little rent-a-wreck wandering into abandoned towns, up and down mountains, visited White Sands and, the goal of all goals, went to Socorro (which I thought was Sirocco until today when I looked it up!) to see the Very Large Array that was featured in the movie Contact. The city website says it's in Socorro, but I wonder, because the drive into the complex is along the Magdalena main road. Scotland was fabulous, India was amazing, Italy and Germany were outstanding, but New Mexico was my first vacation I decided on and arranged.

Bis Spater,
Your Scavenger Hunt Spoiler!

Heather said...

I agree -- when you make the decision, it's much more memorable. I know some dear folks with wineries in both Las Cruces and Socorro (which I also thought was Sirocco until they corrected me) but have never been to either place.

My sister and I were in Albuquerque and Santa Fe last year -- really gorgeous places with warm, friendly people. I'd love to go back to New Mexico sometime soon.