Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary Morsbags!

Today is the 1st anniversary of the morsbag. is a wonderful little grassroots organization that advocates the construction, distribution, and use of "morsbags" -- reusable fabric shopping bags.

The original idea was for groups of people to get together and sew the bags. I got involved through a swap on Swap-bot. The swappers worked together to produce the bags, but unlike most of the other morsbags pods (groups), they were spread around the world.

To celebrate the anniversary and help morsbags get to their 10,000 bag goal by today (they're currently at 10,482), I made over a dozen morsbags this week!

Instead of handing them out at the supermarket, I am promising to send one with any order from my Etsy shop. The offer runs from today through January 31, subject to quantities on hand. If you decide to purchase something and would like to pick out your favorite morsbag from the group, go to the photo on my Flickr site. Each of the bags is numbered. Just mention the number when you order. And then promise you'll use it whenever you visit the market!


Anonymous said...

Been following your progress, partner. Good job.Somehow mine always get left at home when I shop. Your cocoa swap partner.

Heather said...

Hi partner!

I keep mine in the car, but sometimes forget them there! Ah, well.

I wondered if you had left one or more of the anonymous comments. Hope you're enjoying the swap so far...