Saturday, December 20, 2008

Questionnaire: Warm Ewe Up Winter Yarn Swap

I held off joining any knitting swaps during the autumn to focus on making Christmas gifts and items for the Etsy shop along with trying to keep within my budget (for once...). But I've been itching to join another. This one is perfect -- it doesn't start until after the holidays and it's run by Amy, a terrific hostess.

Here are my answers to the swap questionnaire. I hope this helps my swap partner get to know me better!

Do you knit or crochet, or both? How long have you been at the craft?

Knit. I pretty much taught myself to knit as a child, but have really only been knitting consistently since Tommy was a baby. I only crochet enough to finish garments...

Do you spin?

I used to. I'd like to get back to it sometime.

What yarns/fibers are your favorites?

Natural fibers, especially soft ones: alpaca, wool, silk, cashmere, and I like linen (even thought it's not especially soft)

What yarns/fibers do you not like?

Please, no synthetics, even just as part of a blend. No novelty yarns... eeek!

What yarns/fibers would you like to try but haven’t?

A swap partner sent me a skein of Handmaiden Big Sea Silk but I haven't had a chance to knit with it yet. It feels heavenly.

What are your favorite colors?

Greens (but not kelly green), reds, most blues. I like most colors.

Colors that you don’t like?

Kelly green, mustard yellows, wimpy pastels.

What are your favorite types of projects to knit/crochet?

I don't really have enough time to work on really complicated stuff. I tend to like bags, hats, some sweaters, that sort of thing. I love felting.

What are you currently working on?

Eeeek! How many hours are left before Christmas? Eeeek! I'm in the early stages of a Hogwarts (Weasley) sweater for Tommy. I must get it done by Christmas! And I was hoping to do more, but fear I'm pretty much out of time.

What is your favorite FO? (Please post a picture if you have one.)

I did a big felted tote in lots of stripes for my sister about 4 years ago (pre-Ravelry, so I don't have photos). I liked how it turned out. And I made an Albert Jacket to donate to Warm Woolies this fall. I used lots of bits and pieces of Mission Falls 1824 wool. It's fun and very colorful.

Are there any techniques that you want to learn?

Nothing that I can think of right at the moment.

Do you have a yarn winder and/or swift? Yes.

How do you store your needles/hooks?

Various ways. Needle holders, a big Tupperware container.

Do you collect anything?

Yes. Cookbooks. Depression era kitchen stuff. Old linens (especially Depression era). Yarn! Fabric.

Do you like sweets?

Yes, but I'm trying to eat them in moderation. Dark chocolate and maple are my favorites.

What are your favorite scents?

Green tea, lemon, Lily of the Valley.

Are you having a birthday during this swap? Nope (September).

Do you have any online wish lists? (Amazon, Loopy Ewe, etc.) Please include a link for your pal.

There's a link to my amazon wish list on the right side of the blog. I don't know about Loopy Ewe -- will have to investigate.

What is your living situation (Are you married? Do you have kids, pets, or both?)

I'm married. My son is going to college and has his own apartment about 45 minutes away. We have one dog (Winston - Golden Retriever) and 6 cats.

Are you allergic to anything?

Nothing that has to do with the swap.

Is there anything else that you would like your pal to know?

Here's my Swap-bot profile -- it'll tell you more about me (if you're curious). Also there are lots of other questionnaires listed on the lower right side of this blog. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like!

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