Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Starbucks and Yarn Questionnaire

I'm one of the admins for the Starbucks and Yarn swap -- it's been a lot of fun so far! Here's my questionnaire for my spoiler....

  1. Full name - Heather Price
  2. Ravelry ID - winemakerssister
  3. Email address - winemakerssister AT yahoo DOT com
  4. Blog address (if you have one) - winemakerssister.blogspot.com
  5. Handmade item you desire in the swap (bag, cup cozy, etc.) - surprise me!
  6. Starbucks item you desire (gift card, mug, beans, etc.) - gift card, I guess (but I'm happy with anything)
  7. Favorite Starbucks beverage/bean - Venti skim decaf latte with an extra shot
  8. Favorite snack food - chocolate, salty things
  9. Favorite color(s) - most greens (just not kelly green), red and dark red, most blues
  10. Favorite fragrance - green tea, lemon, light florals
  11. What types of things do you like to knit? - bags, felted stuff, hats, a few afghans, sweaters, scarves
  12. Do you spin? - I did a bit years ago in college, haven't since
  13. Do you dye your own yarn? - not at this time
  14. Favorite yarns - soft natural fibers like alpaca, cashmere, silk, merino...
  15. Favorite needles - bamboo & wood circulars
  16. Do you have any allergies? - smoke
  17. Would you be willing to prepare an angel kit if necessary? - yes, if needed
  18. Do you have any special requests? - nope
  19. Do you have any pets? - 1 Golden Retriever, 6 cats
  20. Is your home smoking or non-smoking? - non-smoking

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