Friday, July 4, 2008

Business Buddies

During the month of July, the EtsyGreetings team is working together with JET (the Etsy Jewelry team) to promote each other's businesses.

I approached Jen at thevintagejewelrybox because I loved her shop. I really wanted to work with someone whose work I admired (and lusted after).

Her work is original, creative, and very, very wearable. I just love this series she's created with beautifully conditioned vintage Lucite beads. She pairs them with simple satin finish ear wires and describes them as "simply modern." I find them classic and creative with a wonderful Mid-Century feel. And, of course, I love Mid-Century!

In her profile, she says "Handmade Jewelry Inspired by Vintage Modern Design, Art Inspired Jewelry, Artist made Jewelry and Art Jewelry. What is old was once new. Modern design of the 20th century, i.e. Minimalism, The Machine Age, Bauhaus and Art Deco periods are the inspiration. My hope is to design a visually pleasing piece inspired by one of these eras. Jewelry is the vehicle which expresses what inspires me and it is quite satisfying when my work becomes inspiring to the wearer."

Stop by soon and enjoy the eye candy.


Linda said...

Her earrings are very cool. I'll have to check out her shop.

Tiffany Johnson said...

Great Bio and I love those earrings too! I'm a fellow EtsyGreetingsTeam member just stopping by to leave so love!

Polka Dot Moon said...

Hello from a fellow EtsyGreetingsTeam member :) Her earrings are very chic and simple....lovely!


Anonymous said...

Those are cool earrings, I will have to check her out. I like earrings on ear wires!