Saturday, June 28, 2008

Angel for a Day

I've received so many wonderful, creative, generous swap packages over the last few years.... when I heard an angel was needed for The Big Bag Swap & KAL I figured I'd help out. When I found out it was Brenda who needed an angel, it seemed so appropriate that I would be doing this for her. See, Brenda has been my "spoiler" for two knitting swaps (one of which was The Big Bag).

This angel project was a bit bigger than a normal swap. That's because, in addition the normal goodies in the package, you needed to knit and then felt a large bag. A bit of work! But I love making bags, so it was lots of fun as well.

I wanted to make this as quickly as possible because I knew she'd already been waiting several months for her package. So I bought some brightly colored (her choice) yarn and JoAnn's and started knitting. The bag took a little over a week to complete -- drying it after felting took the longest in this humid summer weather.

In addition to the bag, I tucked a bunch of goodies that she specifically requested into the bag. I hope you enjoy it all Brenda!

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Anonymous said...

Is there any knitting tool, book, or yarn that you would like to have but have never bought for yourself? Something that you would like to try?