Monday, June 2, 2008


I love the idea of journaling, but rarely get the time to do it. I guess this blog is one of the closest things I've got to it.

However, recently I participated in a journal swap and it forced me into doing it -- just the kind of kick in the pants I need! We were to produce 20 entries sometime during the months of February, March, and April. I ended up mostly do a journal about the art I was working on at the time. I wanted to illustrate it, and that gave me an easy way to get content for the illustrations -- I just added little examples of what I was working on into the journal.

Here are some of the pages.

I had a really good time doing it... although 20 entries is a lot of entries when you're not used to doing it! And I wanted to make each one quite different from the other.

The best part was the journal I received. My "upstream" partner created a really wonderful journal for me. Each entry was a letter to me... sometimes about her day, sometimes just thoughts, sometimes reminiscences. I received it after a long, nasty day, and it turned the day around. I sat down in a comfortable chair, sipped some of the tea she sent, and read and read.

I had an idea of reading one entry per day, but couldn't stop. What a wonderful treasure!

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