Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Fill-In (#75)

I've gotten hooked on these... Friday Fill-Ins are a fun, quick way to write a bit about yourself. I tend to write about what I'm working on, so this is good for me. This way, I am giving y'all a better picture of "Heather."

1. Idle hands are not my usual "MO," but occasionally a nice way to relax.
2. I love lingering in the shower. We've got a BIG water heater -- it's a dangerous thing.
3. My favorite time of the day is when I get home from work and the evening belongs to me.
4. The last tea I drank was Earl Grey. I'm drinking a cup of it right now!
5. I like to visit my family's northern Ontario cabin in the Summer.
6. My mother always said "'hey' is for horses."
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m [/looking forward to] grocery shopping, tomorrow my plans include working at a day-long Michigan winetasting event at the very fancy Papa Joe's Gourmet Market in Rochester Hills and Sunday, I want to take the day off!

1 comment:

jvdhj said...

Your plans for Saturday sound like great fun! :) I'm going to a wine pairing next Wednesday...grilled items and Italian wines! :) Should be fun!