Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ugly Zelda

I finished my first stuffie last week. A stuffie is a homemade stuffed thing (not necessarily a stuffed animal, it really could be a stuffed anything. A stuffed tree. A stuff lemon wedge. It just needs to be anthropomorphic.)

That being said, my stuffie is actually a stuffed animal.

But not your standard stuffed animal. Zelda is an Ugly Stuffie. I made her for a swap. Yep, we're swapping uglies.

Of course, I had a difficult time making her truly ugly. I'm a wimp. I admit it. But I think she's moderately ugly (in a cute way).

Zelda is a zombie kitty/kitteh. She started with some ugly acrylic fleece in a camo print. Then I added another print that didn't quite go with the first. She has a zombie face and stitched black fabric where her heart used to be. And that scarf -- bordering on "novelty yarn," I'd say.

"Cool. Love zombies," said the teenagers in the house.


Jen said...

shes adorable! I love her! She is just the right amount of Ugly:)

TL Sexton said...

I love Ugly Zelda. Actually, I don't think she is ugly at all.