Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Monday (I finally got the day right!)

Manic Monday #136

What is the most useful gift you’ve ever been given?

The year Santa Claus brought me a piccolo was certainly the highlight of my gift-getting. Useful? I guess so. If I were to pick a gift solely on the "useful" criteria, I would probably pick knitting needles. Completely useful!

Name the most terrifying moment of your life so far.

This is difficult because I tend to forget unpleasant things once they're behind me.

1) The day Bob and I found our next-door apartment neighbor in a drug/alcohol-induced coma. Calling 911 was just like in a dream -- my voice didn't work well and it all seemed to be in slow motion. The trickiest part was the blizzard raging outside. It took 6 people to raise the stretcher above the 18 inches or so of snow on the ground.

2) Ok, I'm a wuss. Millennium Force at Cedar Point. This roller coaster goes 310 feet in the air with speeds up to 92 mph. 92mph in a little car with no protection! The teenagers I was with wanted everyone to ride it together. I figured I'd be a good sport.

I though perhaps I might die of a heart attack while riding...

One hot summer afternoon, while walking through a parking lot at a large shopping center, you notice a dog suffering badly from the heat inside a locked car. What would you do?

1) See if the car was locked.

2) Stay with the car while someone else alerted mall officials to get them to page the owner over the loudspeaker.

3) Call 911 if the owner wasn't found quickly.


YellowRose said...

How scary to find someone in that shape! Then to deal with a blizzard! Yikes!

I'm not a roller coaster fan either...

Teena in Toronto said...

I despise rollercoasters!!

I play too :)

HomeMadeOriginals said...

I avoid roller coasters also, too scary. I did go on one ride at Disneyworld that I would never repeat.

I've tagged you on my blog. Take a look and see if you want to play.