Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Catching Up

When I returned from vacation last month, several wonderful packages were waiting for me. One was this wonderful package o' goodies from my SP12 spoiler.

I posted a photo to the Ravelry SP12 discussion group but never managed to post it here.

Many of the goodies were accumulated by my spoiler while she was on vacation in Portland, Oregon. I just love how she thought about everything she picked. And you can tell she had fun shopping!

I am always touched the most when someone really takes the time to get to know me and send things they know I'd like. What an amazing gift that is.

One of the highlights is two cones of yarn she "made" herself. She picked colors I love and plied them together for me at yarnia in Portland. There's about 1,000 yards between the two skeins -- enough for a pretty ambitious project. What should I make, do you think?

What else was in the package? Tea, chocolate, sheepy soap, gingerbread mix, Honey Mead.... and more. All sorts of wonderful treasures.

Thanks so much, Secret Pal!

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