Monday, May 26, 2008

Blogging/Friday Fill In (#73)

I've been a neglectful blogger lately. That should change soon because I've signed up for two swaps that require that I post to my blog at least once a week. Good! I do much better with a deadline...

I know it's not Friday, but I've decided to participate in "Friday Fill Ins." Rather than waiting 'til the end of the week, I'll start now...

1. On my laziest day I like to read & knit, then knit & read! (Unfortunately it doesn't happen very often.)

2. Crossing tasks off a list makes me feel like I'm being productive.

3. I love little surprises and big squeezy hugs.

4. This summer I want to eat local as much as possible.

5. Joining the Secret Pal 11 swap made me start my blog.

6. Red, teal, and orange are gorgeous together.

Answering these questions is a nice way to learn more about each other!

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