Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Comes to California

I just got a note from my partner in the Longing for Spring swap -- she received my package. So now I can post about it!

The idea behind the swap was to send your partner some spring-y things... and of course some knitting things.

My partner doesn't have a garden -- she lives in an apartment with a shady balcony. So I sent a book on container gardening, and some tuberous begonias directly from a nursery.

Her favorite flower is the Sterling Rose. Obviously not something she could grow on her balcony. So I made some notecards with photos of Sterling Roses on them.

She loves knitting socks and has a wonderful, impressive stash of sock yarn (beautifully cataloged on her Ravelry site). It was easy to look at what she already had and pick some fun spring-y sock yarn from an Etsy seller. I made some stitch markers to match. And the last item is a binder filled with sock patterns I printed out from her Ravelry queue.

I hope she likes it all!

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Anonymous said...

Better late than never I always say - since I'm a master procrastinator. You should FINALLY be receiving your Scavenger Hunt goodies from me tomorrow, Friday 3/20.

Your Scavenger Hunt Sweetie