Sunday, March 16, 2008


It started when I made some coasters for Holly (my sister) for Christmas. They matched the pillows I made for her... which matched her new Ikea sofa.

They were lots of fun to make. A little patchwork project that goes pretty quickly.

Since then I've made a few more sets. Some for swaps, and each time I made some extra to sell in the Etsy shop. The ones at the top feature some very cute Japanese robot fabric. The ones below were originally made to match someone's kitchen. I always think of the combination of rusty red and gold as being a bit Tuscan in flavor. The dark blue polka dot fabric adds a nice punch.

They're filled with flat quilt batting then I quilt them in a concentric square pattern. They should do a good job of protecting your table from hot liquids, and absorbing condensation from cold liquids.

The part I love the best is working with several fabrics -- piecing them together to bring out more from each color, pattern, and texture.

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