Monday, March 10, 2008

A Glimpse of Spring

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Yes, the ground is still covered in ice and snow. And it was 10 degrees F outside when I woke up yesterday. But today I got my first glimpse of spring.

My package arrived from my wonderful spoiler, Dotty. She was so great -- she really worked at getting to know me. And you can really tell from the package of Heather-friendly goodies!

The package included a "tour" of her garden (one of my favorite parts of the package!), two skeins of hand-dyed violet alpaca yarn, a skein of Heather-green Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, adorable Japanese fabric, gorgeous buttons, a Noni purse pattern (I think she read my mind about wanting to make a Noni purse), a beautiful scarf pattern, Blue Tower Columbine seeds (we both love blue flowers), a "WonderVase," and a gorgeous vintage embroidered runner. It's amazing how well she knows me!

Thank you so much, Dotty!


Mattias Klang said...
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Anonymous said...

Nice job!!

thinkingmama said...

What a great package! I really need to join a swap so I can get (and give) cool stuff too.