Sunday, March 14, 2010

linen, again...

linen, again..., originally uploaded by * a n i t a *.

I love the look of linen with hints of soft color. I was searching for something like this on Flickr, and was thrilled to find it -- and that it included my linen bulletin board (bottom right).

Don't you love linen?


jess said...

hi !!!
i sent you a message via your etsy shop ? Did you get it?

Many thanks, jess

DesertNana said...

Hi Heather!
i love this.
I am trying to reach you about a project idea-hope you are well!
MB aka desertnana

Gamera said...

Yes! Linen is wonderful!

Nuts4Knitting said...

I have been trying to reach you. I am your secret swap partner for Pimp My Queue. I thought I had sent you a message via G-reader (gmail) last week but I guess you didn't receive.

I'm having difficulty here figuring out how to respond to you unanimously.

Heather said...

Hi Nuts4Knitting,

No, I didn't receive anything last week -- thanks for figuring out a way to contact me! If you need any questions answered, just let me know.