Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Afghan Begins Its Journey

I've finished up the big green child's blanket for Afghans for Afghans.

I had a great time knitting it -- it was perfect to pick up when I wanted to do some mindless knitting. And there are so many times when that what I need! If I'm attending a meeting or presentation where I just need to listen, it's perfect. And on those days when I've worked long and hard but want to do something while I sit and relax... well, it's perfect for that as well.

I've got the afghan all boxed up and will take it to the post office tomorrow. From there it goes to a collection facility in San Francisco. Once the current "campaign for newborns" ends in late May, all of the knitted and crocheted items will be packed up and sent to the CURE Hospital in Kabul. From there it's given to a baby who needs a warm blanket for the winter.


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The Tea is coming!