Monday, February 25, 2008


As many of you know, Ravelry (a website for knitters) is technically still in the beta-testing stage. To participate, you sign up on a waiting list to be accepted as soon as there is a spot.

I received a spot last October, but was too busy to do much with it until recently (not that I'm any less busy now...).

Well, I finally started working with it: looking around, fleshing out my profile, that sort of thing. I'm still in the beginning stages, but have added a few recent projects and listed a bunch of my knitting books in my Ravelry "library" (currently you can only list the ones in the Ravelry database). Maybe someday I'll start listing my stash... whew... that's a big project! I can see how having all this information would be really helpful to a future knitting swap partner.

My name there is winemakerssister -- come visit me soon!


Joe said...

I just added you! :) I'm Joe82 :)

Ravelry is awesome - I also got my spot in October but didn't really get to it until late November. I love how, even as a personal tool, it helps keep track of your projects, yoru stash, you queue :)

Roe said...

I'm roesolo, visiting all the folks that are in the Longing for Spring Swap. I'll see you on Ravelry!

Anonymous said...

I promise I'll "expose" my revelry self when the Scavenger Hunt swap is over. You'll be receiving your package right close to March 7th.

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