Sunday, February 17, 2008

Houses & Homes Treasury

A few days ago I set up this Etsy treasury. Of course, the theme is Houses and Homes (as you can tell by the photo and my title). I love all the little home-themed art.

The good news is that the treasury made it to the front page.... and the bad news is that I missed it. I only know it happened because of the comments -- people congratulating me for making it on to the front page.

Ah, well. It's nice to know that the Etsy folks liked it enough to highlight it.


Mamameo said...

I so saw this!! It was beautiful! And your pics were great!!

Anonymous said...

That's terrific, hon, well done! You must be so proud and it's vrey deserving. Slowly, I am accumulating your goodies and soon they'll be in the mail. So, you have yet one more thing to get excited about. AND you'll get to see it :)

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Felicia said...

Beautiful treasury :)