Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recession Swap - Question 1

Here's the first question (and answer) for the Recession Special swap on Ravelry. It's fun to read everyone's answers to learn more about them...

“If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?”

On the eve of my birthday (when I'm having trouble telling Bob what I'd like as a gift), I have to say I feel really content with my life. And those things that I'd really like (less stress at work...) cannot be purchased. That being said, if I won the lottery, I'm sure there are many great uses I could find for the money!

Off the top of my head....
  • Pay off our loans, including the house
  • Help my sister (and other family members) financially
  • Donate to favorite charities
  • Do some traveling
  • Hire a house cleaner :)
  • Buy yarn!
  • Buy a really good computer chair (I'm thinking Herman Miller Aeron chair)*
Sounds like fun!

*my butt's a little numb right now...


Boutique By Bonnie said...

I hope your butt feels better soon!

SillyLittleLady said...

numb butt is never fun haha :)

RenMeleon said...

Numb but is better than sore legs. hehe Can sympathize as I need a new desk chair too.

Lottery, hmm...

Stash a bunch for my daughter's life, college, etc.

Pay off my mother's house, put it up for sale, move her in with us. That said...

Have my house built, the one I designed, in someplace with mountains and a change of seasons. Maybe Western NC.

Pay off both cars.

Pay off my college, my boyfriend's college, and send my ex-husband off to college to thank him for making it so that I could go back.

Set up an account for Art for Cures.

Set up an account for PetsNPatients.

Invest in a winery in Michigan. :)

Travel and go visit all the friends who I consider family...hmm, thinking I need more wine from said winery. Would pick some up in person this time. hehe
:::dreamy ice wine sigh:::

Help our friends by paying off their houses and/or cars and/or school loans so they can live easier.

Oh and, desk chair!!! LOL

JP said...

hey, I have this chair at work and I totally recommend it. Well worth the cost :P
PS - I love your etsy shop!

Heather said...

Thank so much, JP!